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Photo Credit: Cory Ryan,

Photo Credit: Cory Ryan,

"I LOVED Iby!! I can not say enough great things about her!! She is phenomenal!! She met with me several times before the wedding to make sure we had everything in place. She would think of everything!! I'm pretty good with lists and planning but she's seriously a pro!! She would go through all of our contracts and if there was an issue/question she would contact the vendor for clarifications. She then created our wedding timeline, which I was so thankful for. I had no idea how long each event would take, but she has so much experience/knowledge it was no problem for her.

Before the wedding Iby did a walk through of the venue with me. I thought I had a pretty good layout, but as we were walking through Iby had so many amazing ideas. She would say "well what if the caterer was over there, then the dance floor would be bigger? Or what if we moved that to the entrance so it's the first thing your guests see?" Seriously...great ideas!!! We took all of her ideas and completely redid the layout...and she was right it looked GREAT!!

Now for the big day...Iby ran everything!! Everything!! I had no idea if there were any problems...I had no idea if anyone was late...I had no idea because she handled it!! Our wedding day was completely stress free, it was actually relaxing at times because we knew Iby was handling things.

I originally thought I didn't need a coordinator, that I'm so organized I can do it and save some money. Well I took my friend's advice and hired Iby...she was worth it!! Totally worth it!! When I first told my dad I wanted a coordinator for the wedding, he didn't like the idea. The day after our wedding my dad said "I don't see how people could get married without Iby!! She was AMAZING!! Seriously best idea ever!! When you're sister gets married that's the first person we're contacting." - Jessica & Neil

"Iby was so wonderful as our wedding coordinator! She was very organized, professional, friendly, genuine and accommodating. I was so happy to work with someone who put me at ease during the wedding and quietly helped with any issue that arose. She is based in Austin but kindly offered to travel to our venue in Dallas for a site visit and for the rehearsal prior to the wedding. Great service overall!!" -Adelia & Colin

"Iby is absolutely incredible! She is extremely responsive, organized, has great ideas, and is willing to go the extra mile to help. She came to 2 different site visits as well as the rehearsal, created the timeline and layout, picked up items from the house to bring to the venue, and also had a wonderful assistant. On the day of, they kept the wedding on schedule, made sure people were in their proper places and that things were set up exactly how we wanted. Iby was available whenever we wanted to run ideas past her and offered solutions. We had approximately 200 people at our wedding and things went off without a hitch. I attribute this to Iby and her super woman powers."- Maricel & Jason

"Iby is the perfect balance between a full wedding coordinator and a day of coordinator. We had mostly everything planned, but we wanted someone who would make sure all the pieces fell together and the weekend would flow. We started working with Iby about ten months before the wedding. We began with an informal meeting to make sure what she offered fit our vision. She kept regular contact throughout the planning process. We gave her all our vendor contact information, and Iby coordinated with them to confirm our details as well. Before the big day, we made the wedding-weekend timeline together, and the conversation was so helpful! She asked questions that helped us think more clearly about details and the flow of the event. Leading up to the wedding, Iby attended meetings with our venue's staff and met with our florist. On the day of the wedding, I felt completely confident that Iby knew exactly what we wanted that neither the groom nor I worried at all. If anyone had a question for us, we said "go ask Iby," and we kept enjoying ourselves. Everything was taken care of, so we could just embrace the beauty of the day."- Sarah & Wayne

"Two words ‘dream woman’. Not only is Iby a dream to work with but she was instrumental in making sure our day went off flawless. Everything we imagined and much more was achieved by a truly dedicated and passionate woman. I was so stressed out leading up to our big day, but Iby was always there to help and reassure me that everything was going to be fine. The day of the wedding was perfect. She made sure everything ran smoothly and really allowed for Andy and I to just soak in our special moment. I think she was the reason the rain stopped just a couple hours before our ceremony too :). Thanks again Iby for keeping things on track, pushing us when we needed to be pushed and for a magical day that went off without a hitch. Iby is a godsend of coordinating weddings!" - Tiffany & Andy

"EventsBoutique made the very daunting task of pulling off a wedding in downtown Austin over a very busy Formula One Race weekend extremely seamless. I work in management consulting so my personal tendencies include "high attention to detail, strong analytical review and results and extreme multi-tasking." And, to my great surprise (and relief!), Iby Setzer and the team at EventsBoutique, rose to the challenge. She anticipated each and every need that came along, was available much earlier and later than our scheduled dates and when thrown a last-minute curve-ball didn't even blink an eye. I know we had top service because guests of ours had asked about who we were using for our day-of coordinator because everything moved like a well-oiled machine. And, those friends who had recently had their wedding in the previous 6-8 months remarked that things could have had less stress/headache with this level of service. On top of it all, they are just great human beings, so our interactions were always positive and supportive"- Jeff & James

"Thank so much for all your hard work!! We appreciate everything that you did to make our wedding day flawless and beautiful! Keep in touch and you are just A-W-E-S-O-M-E!"- Joy & Eric

"I just wanted to take a second to thank you for the amazing job you did at the wedding. I was so pleased with how everything turned out and how smoothly everything went, we couldn't have done it without you!!Thank you again and I'll see you again in April for Cara's wedding!”- Megan & Mike

"When we started planning our wedding, we thought we didn't need a coordinator because it's just a party, right? Well, wrong! Turns out that planning a wedding can get really overwhelming. I finally gave in and decided to hire a coordinator and am so thankful that I found Iby. She was actually a lot more than a Day-of-Coordinator. Iby helped us for weeks before the actual day. She suggested and contacted vendors, looked over contracts, and even helped me get over my mini-meltdowns. She was always so calm and organized. Most importantly, though, she was always on our side and I could trust her blindly.

There were several instances when Iby went out of her way to help. One example is when, at the last minute, we realized that our centerpieces were not really working out, Iby came to the rescue with some great suggestions. Then, she implemented them perfectly, all without us having to lift a finger. On the big day - I just woke up, leisurely got dressed with my friends, and turned up at my wedding and reception. I spent all my time hanging out and dancing with my friends and family. I literally did not have to worry about anything. I don't even know how the venue got decorated and when the vendors came and left. She took care of everything. It was just so stress-free. I would highly recommend Events Boutique to every single person I know, without any hesitation."- Natsha & Connor

"Iby really made our day extra special. She covered details I didn’t even know to expect. She made it so that we could focus on having fun with our family and friends. Without Iby I would have been stressing over everything getting done right on time, in just the right way. Looking back, using Iby as our day-of coordinator, was the best decision I made when planning our wedding! Besides of course, picking the groom!"- Grace & Cisco

"Thank you so much for all of your hard work! It de finitely showed. You were amazing. I greatly appreciate all of your help. The people at The Barns loved you as well, and I have already heard them recommending you to other brides there. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you further get the word out about your wonderful services.”- Lauren & Raymond

"Thank you so much for all your help! Todd and I couldn’t have done it without you. You definitely made this wedding a LOT easier!”- Aycie & Todd

"Iby was a wonderful day-of coordinator for our summer wedding at a country club. She was always courteous to my husband and I as well as to family and guests. Iby was incredibly detail-oriented with her time line and decoration list. I felt so comfortable leaving the timeline in her hands. She kept things running smoothly from the rehearsal to ceremony to the reception. As a DIY-ish bride, I had so many little decoration details that I'd planned and a schedule that I created, but Iby really had great ideas and thought of items for the timeline and place setting that I never considered (thank you Iby for being so thorough!). I’m a control freak but Iby was so amazing, talented, and confident in her work that she made it so easy for me to loosen up and sit back and enjoy my own wedding! I don't think there was a single request that she didn't see to or address herself. Although we had the reception and ceremony at the same location, there was still a lot of running around to do and Iby didn't bat an eye and was able to stage the room, get the wedding party down the aisle, help the photographer pick ideal photo locations, all without batting an eye. A true pro! I (we) couldn't have done it without Iby!"- Nikki & Mike

"Me and my mom were SO grateful to see you and to have your help during such a busy time. As you can see we were both so happy to have you there! You did such an AMAZING job on setting up everything, it was beyond what I could have expected and was absolutely wonderful. I worked for a long time on thinking up and making all the decorations and my heart is really in the details, so it meant so much to me that that part of the wedding was perfect, because of you!! The decorating at the reception was absolutely beautiful and everything was perfectly in its place when I arrived. If anything did go wrong ahead of time with the caterers or DJ or cake people I have no idea about it and I didn't even have to worry about it because I knew you were taking care of it. I know it was last minute so I really appreciate you taking me on as a client, and I can't tell you enough what a big role you had in making our wedding so memorable. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!” - Kara & Keith

"Iby made my husband & I feel completely at ease from the moment we met her. She was constantly updating things as they went, because we all know weddings don't go according to plan! The day of was as flawless as she made it! She did amazing under pressure & remained calm even when things changed!"- Jocelyn & Bart